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Ninja Class Description

Boys Ninja Class:

Flip N Cheer is now offering ninja classes for kids! FNC Ninjas is inspired by gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle training. Little ninjas will participate in a warm up, followed by training focused rotations that keep your athlete excited to see what we will do each week.  Rotations are strength, agility, obstacle, flipping and tumbl trak. 


Ninja Skills


Tuck tap swing

Sloth crawl

Slanted steps obstacle

River log balance

And much more!

Ninja Levels


Don't miss our Ninja Games where participants will compete for to be crowned the FNC Ninja Champion.  Athletes run through three courses trying to capture the best time and most obstacles completed!  Ninja Games take place in December and July each year. 


Benefits of Ninja Training 


Ninja training provides obvious physical benefits, including muscular strength and endurance, agility, speed, and coordination.  In addition to physical benefits, ninja classes for kids impove a child's intrinsic motivation.  Ninjas are encouraged to beat their personal best.  In response, children continue to push to better their own performance rather than focus on a comparison to others.  Ninja training is fun!  Athletes are challenged each week with new obstacles and variations.  

Enroll in a Ninja Class today!

Ninja Class
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